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SuperGreens Facial Soap

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All Audi Skin products are 100% Handmade by Audi

Hi Gloss

Our vegan lipgloss is buttery smooth and deliciously scented!

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I have tried literally every clean skincare line (Beauty Counter, Youth To The People, Laneige) and NOTHING compares to yours! ..I will 1000% be ordering more!"


I literally have been using your marigold facial soap bar w/ the starter oil for the past few days and my skin feels AMAZING!!


I've never felt so passionate about a skincare brand before.


 I love it your products!

Everything works wonders. I’ve never been so happy with actual results



Hi there. My name is Ariana Cazares, the creator of Audi Skin and the maker of every product offered by Audi Skin. I'm a single mother and entrepreneur and the only person in this business. My whole life revolves around my toodler, my family, and my brand Audi Skin. All my life I have felt a burning passionate for creating things with my hands, and making others feel good. I'm and empath and an artist. I believe things made from your heart and hands hold more energy and creativity So since I was a child, I always loved giving and making things for people. My Journey as an artist has rooted as far as I can remember, and my passion for mixing things started when I was about 8 years old, making my very first cake by myself. Not long after discovering the fun in baking, I shortly became obsessed with it. My birthday gifts went from puzzles and art supplies to cookie sheets cupcake holders and pans. My love for baking was so strong I was even gifted a professional electric mixer when I was just 11 years old, and I actually still have to this day..

As I grew older my love for mixing things and nurturing grew and as I matured in my femininity I developed a strong love for health, nutrition, and clean beauty. As I entered an enlightening time in my life which included becoming vegetarian for 5 years, I self taught on all things wellness and also began to uncover the toxic chemicals that are found in most drugstore products, I became more health conscious and drifted into holistics. I realized I could morph my baking skills and create beauty products that are chemical free and natural and there was the start. When I began to sell to friends I received so much positive feedback and love it sparked my brain and made me fully committed to growing. In the last few years of my life I've worked really hard on my business and i'm fully inclined to create quality, sustainable skincare and cosmetics for everyone. I am so blessed to do what fuels my body and I couldn't imagine myself in any other field. I hope you get a chance to experience my handmade creations. Thank you for reading and visiting my website :)

-Ariana (audi)