I have tried literally every clean skincare line (Beauty Counter, Youth To The People, Laneige) and NOTHING compares to yours! ..I will 1000% be ordering more!"


I used your Brown Suga Scrub for the first time and my skin has never felt more nourished and moisturized!


I've never felt so passionate about a skincare product before. I'm 47 and my freckles are now becoming age spots with Cure oil"


Mineral Mask

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Whipped Brown Suga Scrub

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Hi Gloss

Our vegan lipgloss is buttery smooth and deliciously scented!

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La Rosa

Rosewater helps minimize pores, soothe/refresh your skin and it even has calming properties🌹

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Organic Body Scrubs

Rose Shimmer Scrub x Eucalyptus Body Scrub

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Half Size Skin Essentials Bundle

The Audi Skin essentials in half size! Get your hands on our best selling bundle!

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  • Hygienic Essentials


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Audi & Audi Skin

Hi there. My name is Ariana Cazares, the founder of Audi Skin. In the last 5 years of my life I've been inclined to create quality, sustainable skincare and cosmetics that’s innovative, effective and completely natural. Through trial and error I have thoughtfully and successfully created plant based skin solutions that work, turning a lot of people to my natural skincare and cosmetics brand for their everyday skincare routine.

Audi Skin specializes in organic skin care such as body butter, facial oil, essential oil shower scrubs and my innovative version of a brown sugar face scrub that’s completely different than the scrubs on the market today! 

 Audi Skin vegan lipgloss is moisturizing, deliciously scented and made with ethnically sourced mica power. Audi Skin products have been known to treat eczema, keratosis pilaris, acne, burns, cuts, severe sun damage and extremely dry skin. My products are made with essential oils, premium grade ingredients, and always made fresh!