All products by Audi Skin are created by Ariana, also known as Audi. Handmade with love.

Must haves

Handmade Soap

Check out our new soaps! Made with plant derived ingredients and Earth created natural additives.

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Cure Oil

We seep our Cure Oil in herbs for over half a year before bottling up.

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Superfruits Lotion Bar

With Ingredients like Raspberry, Strawberry seed, and Aloe Butter. Plastic free design and packaging

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for body exfoliation

100% Handmade

Original Recipes

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who is audi?

Creator of Audi Skin

Hello my name is Ariana Cazares. As an artist, herbalist, and esthetician with heaping knowledge of holistic and alternative health practices, nutrition, cosmetic formulating, and over 15 years of baking experience, I’ve become a vessel in providing natural healing solutions for my community and people around the world, which is something that fulfils me. As the face of my brand, Audi Skin, I hold high health standards for myself and especially for the products I create for my customers and clients. All my Audi Skin creations are natural, and originally crafted. I am honored to serve your skin. - Audi

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